About Me

Raj Giandeep

My path started with silent meditation about 2009. In 2013 I started taking Kundalini Yoga classes regularly & noticed a quick shift in my state of being. It moved energy within me that I’ve never felt prior & yet after I can sit in a sweet stillness that lingers even after the practice is done.

I’m a certified 500 hour Kundalini Yoga teacher through KRI. Teaching since 2014 regularly & it’s a joy to share this yogic technology & see it change people’s state of being. Many of the Kriya’s & meditations increase your vitality by gradually building energy within our system, circulate the energy we already have, or release the blocks keeping us from our own energy. The goal is to use the energy that is always naturally within us.

My teaching style allows the student to have their direct experience with yogic nuggets of wisdom thrown in when I feel guided. I remind you to stay connected to your heart & senses of the body to stay present.

I bring one of my gongs to each class. The sound of the gong reaches the body on a cellular level, encouraging integrated healing of body, mind, and spirit, and the more gong sessions you attend, the better the results.

The best way to understand Kundalini Yoga is to experience it!

Another passion of mine is recording the divine poetry of Rumi to music to share on YouTube. Sometimes I host Rumi events where people can come listen to these in a mediative way & is very calming to the soul.

Meaning of my name ( Raj Giandeep )

Raj is noble, regal; divine flow of wisdom. Gian refers to wisdom. Deep means light, lamp. Who walks with grace and courage throughout his life. Who connects to the divine flow of God’s wisdom and light.

The rich capacity of your name, Raj Giandeep, reveals your gift – that you embody your noble soul by merging with the divine flow of God’s wisdom and light. Remember with every breath to keep immersed in the intelligence and brightness of this blessing. All those around you are elevated with sacred knowledge, integrity and radiance by your majestic oneness with the Divine. Experience the wonderful sound of your name as it enables you to achieve the highest fulfillment of your destiny.