My Favorite Timer for Kundalini Yoga | Video Review

My Favorite Timer for Kundalini Yoga | Video Review

January 25, 2015 Kundalini Yoga 0

A lot of the teachers in town have this Kundalini Yoga timer & for good reason. It’s cheap, small & simple to operate. On the back of the timer you can flip a switch to have it vibrate, flash a red light or beep. You can pick any combination of the 3 options. The vibration setting might be heard by your students, so something to keep in mind. I usually just do the light option when teaching. When I’m doing my own personal sadhana, I use the light & beep options.

Even Pritpal Singh Khalsa (life coach, musician, kri certified kundalini yoga teacher) & Pritpal Kaur Khalsa (CEO of 3HO) use this exact timer during classes they teach.

Choose from minutes/seconds or hours/minutes with a switch on the back. It’s possible to have 2 timers running at once. One with hours/minutes & another with minutes/seconds. Not something I use myself though. If you want to have the timer count up. Reset the timer to zero & press start. If you press any of the top 2 buttons when the timer is going off. It will reset it to zero, which is handy if that’s what you need to do. For example, setting it to a lesser time than your previous.

Since there is just 3 buttons, once you get used to the layout. You can operate it without looking at it. I hold the top 2 buttons for 1 second to make sure it’s clear. Then I set it for what I need. I like to keep it by my bed for some warm up exercises when I wake up.

The timer is made by General Tools & Instruments. The product is called:
TI150 3-in-1 Timer for the Visually and Hearing Impaired

Takes 2 AAA batteries. Haven’t had to replace the batteries in easily over a year. But I rarely use the vibrate setting. We use ours daily for 1-2 hour at least. No issues with the timer at all. I just wish it was metal instead of plastic.