September 2021 Events

Interesting events coming up this month.

Full Moon Kundalini Yoga & Gong BathFull Moon Kundalini Yoga & Gong Bath

I’ll bring my powerful dragon gong to this event. It has a very deep, powerful tone. It helps to remove energetic & mental blocks. As part of the class we will do a special meditation for removing & conquering the fear of death. Let us connect to the energy of the full moon & the power of the group energy to uplift yourself & those around us.

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[In Person – East High] Kundalini Yoga, Meditation & Gong Relaxation | Fall Series 2021

Kundalini Yoga is known as the yoga of awareness. It is a journey, practice and science that connects you with your deepest Self, your Soul. We incorporate ancient yogic technologies including yoga postures, meditation, pranayama (breath work) & mantra, to improve the quality of our lives; It is a self liberation! These tools will empower you to cultivate compassion and stability even during life’s most challenging circumstances. A gong will be played during relaxation at each class.

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Rumi Volume 4 – God’s treasures are buried in broken hearts

Duduk flute played by Raj Giandeep The Mythical Lover My love for youhas driven me insane I wander aimlesslythe ruins of my lifemy old self a stranger to me Because[…]

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September 3, 2021 0


From various classes, events & talks I have given.

It’s important to know that I was a total non-believer in the healing and restorative power of gong meditation. But after one session, my body and my mind were completely changed.

I had been wrestling with increasing difficult personal and professional troubles; resulting in pain that emanated from the top of the skull, down the muscles in my neck, and into my mantle… and this pain sucked.

What started as a small headache that I could treat with traditional pain meds, spread like wildfire and not even regular doses of multiple pain relievers (well over the daily recommended amounts) had any effect.

So, on a whim, I went into a gong meditation session and it changed my life.

I simply committed to follow the process and (in what seemed like only a few minutes, but actually was close to 30) I opened my eyes and the pain and negativity were gone.

Listen, I didn’t believe any of this stuff, but it works. If you’re wrestling with emotional, physical and spiritual pain (and I think many of us are) gong meditation is an incredibly effective and rewarding means to address and overcome some of the biggest obstacles and troubles in your life.

Don’t believe me? Try it. The only thing you have to lose is the weight that’s currently keeping you from having a better life.


In my busy, complicated, and sometimes crazy life, I rarely take the time to slow down and feed my soul. Then I went to Rumi in the park, a wonderful, relaxing experience where I could lay down, and listen to beautiful, uplifting poetry while in a peaceful, outdoor setting. Laying on the grass, looking at the clouds overhead and watching the sun set in the West calmed my spirit and lifted my soul. Spiritual poetry coupled with beautiful music seeped into every fiber of my being-relaxing and rejuvenating it at the same time. I highly recommend taking time to attend this wonderful event. You deserve it!


A HUGE Thank You

I just got back from vacationing Belize with my Dad and had the chance to go snorkeling on the reef there. It’s a very popular reef for snorkeling and scuba diving. I am terrified of snorkeling. I get very claustrophobic in the water when I’ve tried snorkeling before. But I knew I had to try it again because it was a once in a lifetime opportunity!

After getting in the water and getting about 20 feet from the boat, I had got very freaked out. A second guide got in the water to take me separately but I was still very freaked out. I remembered the breathing technique you taught us at an OhSh!t meeting and started counting my breathing. It took me a bit, but I was able to do the full snorkeling (40 minutes) and saw a ton of awesome fish, a moray eel, a spotted eagle wing ray, and even a sea turtle!

Thank you so much for sharing that technique! It helped me do something I’d never thought I’d be able to do again!


I love being immersed in the inspiration of Rumi. I’m so grateful for Raj who mindfully creates the sacred experience with deep reverence and beauty.

Tej Saroop Kaur